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Covered Wagon

Designed for transporting various goods including food that need to be protected from rain.
The volume:120-138 m3.  Load capacity: up to 68 tons.

Open Wagon

Open rail freight wagon with high sides for transporting bulk cargo.
Open Wagon may have unloading hatches in the floor and drop-down end walls.
The volume: 83-88 m3. Load capacity:  up to  71 tons.

Flat Wagon

Designed for  transportation of timber, wheeled and tracked vehicles, cargo boxes,
various metal and long loads. Load capacity: up to 72 tons.

Well Wagon

Designed for the transportation of containers. Load capacity: up to 72 tons.

Hopper Wagon

Railway wagon for transportation of bulk cargo: fertilizers, cement, grain, etc
The volume – 60-108 m3. Load capacity: up to 72 tons.

Tank Wagon

Tanks are designed for transportation of liquids  including crude oil and refined products,
reactive and corrosive liquids.The volume: 72–85.6 m3  . Load capacity: up to 66 tons.

Car-carrying wagon

Designed for the transport of vehicles. Load capacity up to 25 tons.